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As an incorporated association we must have an elected Governance Committee, who is responsible for governance of the organisation (planning, policy and employment). The organisation uses a set of organisational values and strategic objectives to guide decision making.

You can find our latest strategic plan here.

Good governance provides organisational leadership: it shapes the organisation’s mission and values and focuses on outcomes and sustainability.

The Committee members are accountable for the expenditure of funds in accordance with the organisation’s financial management practices and funding service agreements. An Annual Report which includes annual financial statements is produced and presented at the Annual General Meeting and submitted to Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission.

You can find copies of our Annual Reports here.

Our Committee members are,

     Sally O'Meara - President                                        Bob Regan - Treasurer                              Cheryl Findlay - Secretary

If you are interested in nominating for our committee of governance you can find more information here.

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