The Committee of Management (COM) is the legally responsible body of Watsonia Neighbourhood House Incorporated.

The following people make up the current Committee of Management:

Katherine Barling: President
Pamela Walker: Secretary
Bob Regan: Treasurer
Nikki Burden
Lia Caelli
Cheryl Findlay

Please contact the office if you want to talk to somebody on the Committee of Management.

The committee meets monthly. To nominate for the Committee of Management you need to be a financial member of the house - this costs $10 per year.  To give you an idea of what you can expect from being in the Committee of Management, following are some excerpts from our Committee of Management Manual.

The Role of the Committee of Management

The role is one of governance rather than the day-to-day management of the House. Some of the matters Committee of Management attends to include:

    • Ensure that finances are properly managed and reports are forwarded to funding bodies;
    • Employ suitably qualified staff paid at award rates in line with employment procedures;
    • Keep in touch with the local community and ensure, to the best of the organisation's ability, that needs are met;

The Committee of Management has an 'executive', which includes a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and a Public Officer.


Generally he/she is the public face and internal leader of the organisation and works closely with the Co-ordinator. Some qualities a president needs to have or to develop include:

    • Impartiality
    • Be able to motivate others
    • Prepared to speak in public
    • Good interpersonal skills

Responsibilities include:

    • Managing Committee of Management meetings. This incudes ensure meetings proceed smoothly, run to time and motions are voted on where necessary and that appropriate minutes are kept;
    • Be the principle point of contact between the Co-ordinator and the Committee of Management.


The role of the Vice President is to stand in for the President in his/her absence.


Skills preferably required for the treasurer include:

    • A background in financial management;
    • Good organisational skills;
    • The ability to budget and plan.


The secretary of the organisation should, ideally, possess or be prepared to develop the following:

    • Good written and oral English skills;
    • Good organisational skills;
    • Be computer literate;

Responsibilities include:

    • The taking and preparation of official minutes of meetings,
    • Ensuring that records are kept,
    • Being aware of correspondence that relates to the Committee of Management.
    • Dealing with the requirements of incorporated organisations as laid down by the Department of Justice, Business and Consumer Affairs.

"Ordinary" Members

The remainder of the Committee of Management is made up of 'ordinary members', however, all of the Committee of Management contribute in an extraordinary way to their communities. Duties and responsibilities include:

    • Regularly attending Committee of Management meetings;
    • Preparing for meetings by doing the relevant reading and/or taking action as required by the Committee of Management;
    • Being a member of sub-committees;
    • Contribute ideas, expertise and information.

If you would like more information about Committee of Management, call us on 9434 6717.

Meeting Dates

To be advised.